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По умолчанию Pain Killer


Tashea - Vox and Guitars
Aria - Guitars
Aab - Bass
Rega - Drums and Backing Vocals

Pain Killer is a Rock band from Jakarta that’s a potent cocktail made up of 3
men and a strikingly beautiful and talented woman. Formed during 2003 by
front girl Tashea Nicole Delaney, Pain Killer initially was a tribute band
featuring songs from bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden.

The name “Pain Killer” came from Tashea’s father who labeled the band this
after listening to the band for the 1st time. He felt this was an appropriate
name for the bands music meaning that once listened too, it would instantly
relieve anyone’s feeling of pain. As Tashea matured musically, playing cover
songs became less challenging for her. In 2005 at the age of 18 she then
decided to start writing, composing and performing her own material which
were influenced by all types of genre’s ranging from pop to metal.

Over the duration between 2005 and 2006, Pain Killer restructured several
times while the band was trying to find its unique sound it has today. In July of
2006, Pain Killer released their debut album via Killer Recordings. The album
was distributed by hand to hand with at total sale of 5000 copies.

Several months after the release of the debut album, Pain Killer once again
restructured to further strengthen the band both musically and visually.
During this process Pain Killer experimented with popular lead guitarists with
names like Alfa (additional player Boomerang), and Cesar (well known
underground guitarist). During the time Tashea was practicing and
performing with these guitarists she was always watching, learning and
absorbing their styles and techniques. Now after combining these with her
own, she has perfected her own style. This mixed with the rest of the band
creates an in your face explosion that will ring in your ears for days!.

Currently Pain Killer is made up of 4 members; Tashea (lead / rythem guitars
and vocals), Rega (drums / backing vocals), Iwan (bass guitar) and Aria
(rythem / lead guitars) . Currently PK are working on their second album
which is scheduled to be released in year end 2008.
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Аватар для Serge44
Регистрация: 06.03.2009
Адрес: Гора цветов и плодов за Пещерой водной завесы
Сообщений: 9,296
Pain Killer 2006

Grunge в исполнении индонезийской рок-группы с женским вокалом.

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