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По умолчанию Sand

Sand (Shazi) 刘冬虹与沙子乐队 - группа из Пекина, играющая в стиле блюз-рок, с эклектикой разных музыкальных стилей, как европейских, так и китайских.

Song Writer / Vocals / Guitar - Liu Dong Hong (刘冬虹)
Bass - Ma Kai (马锴)
Drums - Wang Bin (王斌)
Guitar - Zhao Long (赵龙)
Partisan - Qi Yuan (齐源)
Прежний состав:
Drums: Xiao Dou 小豆 (ex-Red Hand Jazz Band, ex-Sand, Xia Jia Trio, Eastern Quartet, Dew Electric Trio, Beijing City Big Band, Ah Q Orchestra and Arrows Made of Desire) (around 2004)

The band was officially formed in 1996 with the name Sand, later renamed to Liu Donghong & Sand.

If you ask Liu Donghong, vocalist of the band Sand, when he play guitar for the first time, he cannot remember it. "Some people tell me, that I had been around three years old, when I discovered the guitar of my father", he says. "It was totally out-of-tune and I have never seen or heard my father playing it." Thereafter a few years had to pass, before Liu Donghong founded his first band. That was in 1996, he was 25 years old and had bought himself a used guitar and had wrote numerous songs.

Their first concert Sand hold in the same year in a foreign language university. Liu Donghong remembers: "I think they had a lot of fun with us. All bands, that performed that time, were just terrible. We weren't better." As this had to change, the whole band moved for the next years for three summers in the area of Beijing's west mountains - they rented a cheap old temple close to Badachu, rehearsed the whole day together and only went back to the city to give concerts.

Until the present day all songs were written by vocalist Liu Donghong and are written and sung in Chinese. Some of their songs are simple love songs, some, such as the song "Fortune", tell a story of social misery, in which China is. With his lyrics, that he usually sings in a rap-style, Liu Donghong combines both the elements of Chinese rock music as a protest culture (beginning of the 80s) and the tradition of American blues until Tom Waits, in whose songs also often the "small man" is portrayed. The darker shades of the Chinese dream are the fields of interest of Liu Donghong: The isolated, the night owls and drunkards, the punished and stigmatized, the lost and hurt.

Группа записала два альбома, за исключением концертников и сингла:
2001 The Star Fell On My Head 星星落在我头上
2009 The World has become a fairytale 一个早已成为童话的世界

Удачный в музыкальном плане оказался дебютный альбом. Остальной материал сплошной повтор и цитирование самих себя.
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Адрес: Гора цветов и плодов за Пещерой водной завесы
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The Star Fell On My Head 2001

Большинство песен классический блюз рок в стиле 50-70-ых годов.
"Evening moon" - лучшая песня альбома. Микс западного блюза, в припеве использовано... бардовское акапелльное пение средневековой Франции, плюс в инструментальной части минор, распространенный в готик-роке и готик-металле.

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