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По умолчанию Shangren

The creation of Shangren began in 2009 by Leonard Ong. The Leader and founding member of the Shangren Dynasty. The name "Shangren" comes from Chinese mythology after a Daoist deity known as Honjun Laozu but is often referred to as Xuan Xuan Shangren, the teacher of the Three Pure Ones. Legends of the story began as Leonard Ong fell down from the skies of the Heavenly Kingdom and tumbled his way do…wn to earth. He brought forth Traditional Asian instruments and melodies to combine them with metal, thus creating Asian Folk Metal.

As Leonard Ong was searching for the finest warriors to unite the Shangren Dynasty.

Eve Nathan of the West embarked on a journey to the east. As she passed through many rice fields and battled against hordes of the eastern tribes. Her skills and expertise stunned Leonard Ong who then offered her to join Shangren as the ivory instrumentalist.

Another warrior was to be found, Andy Suppradit arose from the depths of the nine hells in order to wield the fallen spear of Guan Yu. He swore an oath of brotherhood with Leonard Ong and became the Axeman of Rhythmic Destruction.

The Shangren Dynasty continues to rise and the search for its finest warriors still continues. Sun Tzu's Art of War has been applied into the field of combat as we Dynasty warriors shall rise!

Просьба не путать с группой Shanren, которая на нашем форуме находится в разделе фолк-рок, это разные коллективы.
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