Тема: Simla Beat 70/71
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Из воспоминаний, опубликованных одним из зрителей живого концерта-соревнования индийских рок-групп в Симле в 70-ые годы.
I was a kid of 8 years when my parents took me to see the Simla Beat Contests 70/71. If I remember correctly, they were held in SHANMUKHANANDA HALL in Bombay, a famous place for dramas, concerts, recitals at that time.
In those days, India was starved for music. It was very hard to get Passports or USD for travel. There was only one show on the radio playing English music for an hour a week, and that was mostly pathetic pop ( Carpenters, Anka, Denver for example).
Most music trickled down into India via Cassettes smuggled in by "My friends's girlfriend who is an airhostess with AIR INDIA".
Hence a chance to hear Psych, Rock was a godsend.

This was my first exposure to the likes of CCR, Cream though I didnt know those names then and only realised 10 years later that Bayou was originally sung by CCR.
My dad got hold of the LPs of Simla Beat Contest and we recorded them on our spool player. I remember listening to them very often ( Along with our recording of Woodstock).
Recently, there was a tune playing over and over in my head and I realised I first heard it on the Simla Beat Contest LPs. I obtained the recording and I was immediately transported into my childhood.

There it was, a raw recording of young kids, with their very live feeling, you can make out that the recording is not the greatest ( Its noisy and not well balanced) , the singing is slightly out of tune sometimes, but its pure raw live music. You can feel you are right there with the band in a practice session.

In many ways, Simla Beat contest was one of the reasons why I purchased a Guitar when I was 15 and have spend the last 30 years trying to play it!!!!
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