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По умолчанию Rahim Shah

Рахим Шах (Rahim Shah, Raheem Shah, Pashto/Urdu: رحیم شاہ) is a Pakistani pop singer. He started from Peshawar, NWFP, and is currently based in Karachi. He sings in Urdu, Punjabi and his native Pashto language[1]. In an interview he revealed that Rahim Shah is not his real name and, in fact, it is his elder brother's name. He recently disclosed his original name on Qtv, which is Muhammad Rahim. He is the most notable Pakistani pop idol of Pashtun background.

Rahim Shah, also knows as Muhammad Rahim Shah, was born on April 3, 1974 in Karachi, Pakistan [2]. Swat is his ancestral home, he speaks his ethnic language Pashto fluently. In 2004, Rahim underwent a very public hair transplant procedure in Karachi, Pakistan which he openly talked about on television for the purpose of educating others. He is very close to his parents especially his mom.

Rahim Shah attracted the attention of an Indian audience with his song "Pehli Tu Kabhi Kabhi Gham tha", a tune which was sung in Pashto by renowned Pashto singer Haroon Bacha. This was later re-copied by Indian singer Altaf Raja. Rahim Shah still has somewhat of a fan base in India.

Rahim's favorite singers are Salman Alvi, Nayyara Noor and Sonu Niigam. He has interest in welfare work and is working for UK based charity KORT (Founded by his close friend Mohd Akhtar for Kashmir earthquake victims)He said about his short hair that "better singer is known by his cheerful/sweet vocals/sound not by his long hair".
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