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По умолчанию Aurthohin

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Aurthohin is a Bangladeshi hard rock & metal band formed in 1993 by bassist, singer and songwriter Sumon, known mostly by his stage name BassBaba, who has remained the sole constant member. In the late 1997 the name of the band was changed from Sumon O' Aurthohin to Aurthohin (Bangla for 'meaningless'). They are known for their mix of melodic acoustic numbers and extremely heavy metal numbers in their albums often containing lots of bass slaps, taps & solos. In the recent years that had also seen a kind of nu-punk and alternative rock shadows also cast on their songs. They have released five albums till now. In 2008 they released their album Aushomapto-1 with the lineup consisting of lead guitas Kamal, vocals & drummer Rafa and lead guitas & keyboards Shishir, and Sumon as the lead vocals and bassist.

* Sumon a.k.a. BassBaba — vocals, bass (1993–present)
* Rafa — drums, vocals (2003–present)
* Kamal — guitar(2006–present)
* Shishir — guitar, keyboards (2003–present)

* Trimatrik (2000)
* Biborton (2001)
* Notun Diner Michile (2002)
* Dhrubok (2003)
* Aushamapto-1 (2008)
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