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По умолчанию Vital Signs

Одна из ведущих поп-рок групп Пакистана.

* Junaid Jamshed – lead vocals (1986–1998)
* Rohail Hyatt – guitars, vocals, keyboards, piano (1986–1998)
* Shahzad Hasan – bass (1986–1998)

из Википедии

Vital Signs were a Pakistani pop band that formed in Rawalpindi in 1986. The group was formed by Rohail Hyatt (keyboards and guitars) and Shahzad Hasan (bass guitar), who were soon joined by Nusrat Hussain (guitar) and Junaid Jamshed (vocals). They were the widely known as Pakistan's first and most successful pop band and were given the title of "pioneers of pop music".[1]

The band initially gained prominence from their music video of the song "Dil Dil Pakistan" first aired on PTV. Shoaib Mansoor, director and lyricst, wanted the band to record the song which later on became a critical hit and was voted as the third most popular song of all time by BBC World.[1] However, Nusrat Hussain, training to become an airline pilot at that time composed the song, left the band and suggested Rohail to have Salman Ahmed at his place. It members were signed to major record label EMI Records and afterwards released their debut album Vital Signs 1 in 1989. After two years the band recorded their critically acclaimed Vital Signs 2 (1991) with their new lead guitarist Rizwan ul Haq, who replaced Salman. The album saw the band to travel to perform in United States and thus becoming the first Pakistani pop act to go abroad on a tour. Vital Signs released their third album, Aitebar, in 1993, which outsold its predecessor, but was the band weekest album. The band asked Assad Ahmed, by then with Awaz and currently with Karavan, to play for their new album as Rizwan ul Haq left the band and his replacement Aamir Zaki. The band found renewed success and popularity with their album Hum Tum (1995) and was the highest selling Vital Signs album of all time.

After the release of their fourth studio album, the band concentrated on their personal projects and Vital Signs drifted away. Junaid Jamshed went on to pursue a career as a solo singer, Shehzad Hasan concentrated on his work as a music producer and Rohail Hyatt formed a production company.

* 1989: Vital Signs 1
* 1991: Vital Signs 2
* 1993: Aitebar
* 1995: Hum Tum

* 1994: Guitar '93: Greatest Hits
* 1997: Hum Hain Pakistani - Remix
* 2006: Very Best of Vital Signs Vol: 1
* 2006: Very Best of Vital Signs Vol: 2
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