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По умолчанию Шанрен (Горцы)


Qu Zi Han (Singer/guitar)
Ai Yong (Bass/Chinese ethnic bass)
Xiao Ou (Drums)
Xiao Bu Dian (Chinese ethnic instruments)

The meaning of Shan Ren (山人) is Mountain People. The band members come from Yunnan and Guizhou, 2 provinces located in the far southwest of China. They are from different chinese ethnic minorities. Qu Zi Han and Xiao Ou are Han (汉族), Ai Yong is Wa (佤族) and Xiao Bu Dian is Buyi (布衣族). They are proud of their roots, they have dreams and they want to pursue them. Their dream is to play their own style music, and they do it well! They use chinese traditionnal instruments and electric instruments singing songs with a strong sense of humour.
They participated to all the biggest chinese music festival in 2008 and 2009, Midi Festival (Beijing), In music festival (Beijing), Strait rock festival (Xia Men), Youth in China festival (Xi'An), Orange isle music festival (Changsha), The lake festival (Chongqing), The Snow Mountain Festival (Lijiang, Yunnan).

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