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Scheer was an alternative rock band from County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The band members were vocalist Audrey Gallagher, guitarists Neal Calderwood and Paddy Leyden, bassist Peter Fleming and drummer Joe Bates. They signed to the record label 4AD before releasing their debut album Infliction in 1996.

After spending a few playing small venues around Ireland, the band were signed by the small Irish record label SON, and released their debut single "Wish You Were Dead" in late 1993. There was a great deal of interest surrounding this release and Scheer followed it with the Psychobabble EP in 1994.

In April 1995, Scheer signed to the 4AD label and released the Schism EP. In 1996 the band's debut album was ready for release and this was preceded by the release of two singles: "Shea" and a revamped "Wish You Were Dead."

Infliction was released in 1996 to critical acclaim. A mixture of metallic guitars and power pop, all topped with Gallagher's distinctive vocals, the album became an alternative hit thanks to the strength of "Wish You Were Dead."

The recording of their second album began in 1997, but due to a contractual disagreement with 4AD, the release of the album was postponed indefinitely; the aptly-titled ...And Finally eventually appeared in mid-2000 on the band's own Schism Records label.
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Infliction 1996

Своебразный, и энергично-драйвовый и сумрачно-готический альбом.

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