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23.09.2009, 03:44

из Википедии
"In Camera" were a London based post-punk band who emerged in the summer of 1978. The seeds were sown when youthful drummer Jeff Wilmott introduced aspiring bass player Pete Moore to singer David Steiner; through this nucleus the addition of guitarist Andrew Gray became possible. An incendiary performance at 'Billy's' in Soho, London resulted in a contract with 4AD Records. In Camera first released the 45 RPM 7" 'Die Laughing/Final Achievement' in 1979, followed six months later by the 4 track 12" 'IV Songs'. Various gigs materialised throughout England, culminating at the end of 1980 in a John Peel session. This resulted in the release of the session on 12" under the title 'Fin', the recording being the final vinyl document of the band before its non-acrimonious split in 1981. A retrospective, '13 (Lucky For Some)' was released in 1992 on CD. The rest is history.

All releases were on the 4AD label.

23.09.2009, 03:53

IV Songs 1980
Session BBC Radio1 1980

Редкая давно забытая пост-панк группа, оцененная по достоинству в свое время на 4AD.

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