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из Википедии
Former Nothing But Happiness and Crash guitarist Ralske started Ultra Vivid Scene in 1987, was signed to 4AD Records in 1988, and released his first UVS EP, She Screamed, in 1988. The debut album Ultra Vivid Scene released October 1988, was written, produced and performed entirely by Ralske, whose influences include The Velvet Underground and The Jesus and Mary Chain.[1] The second album, Joy 1967-1990, was released in April 1990.

The last album, Rev, was released in October 1992, and was performed by a band comprising Julius Klepacz (drums) and Jack Daley (bass) with Ralske on vocals and guitar. This album was picked up by the Chaos imprint of Columbia Records (Sony Music Distribution) during the time rival Warner Bros. was having some success with its imprints' 4AD relationships (4AD/Sire, 4AD/Elektra, 4AD/Reprise). However, the relationship was short-lived, and Ultra Vivid Scene was dropped from the Chaos/Columbia record label during the middle of its only supporting tour. In the mid-1990s, former 4AD designer and art director Vaughan Oliver is said to have commented to British critic Ian McKay that the failure of Ultra Vivid Scene to gain a foothold was the result of Kurt Ralske being "so ahead of his time.[citation needed]"

Ralske has gone on to do solo work, and has also produced albums for such artists as Rasputina, Ivy and Charles Douglas.

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Ultra Vivid Scene 1988

Дебютный альбом группы. Для любителей стиля 4AD, для практики сосредоточения лучше обратить внимание на следующий альбом.

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Rev 1992

Альбом в стиле 4AD рок, рекомендуется как любителям жанра, так и практикующим сосредоточение под музыку.

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Joy 1967-1990 1990

Еще один альбом Ultra Vivid Scene, выдержанный в стиле, похожем на предыдущие работы группы.

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