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10.09.2009, 01:33

Emperor Minge are a New Delhi based 6 piece band. They utilize accomplished song writing and a dynamic stage show to create a live experience that is compelling and unlike any other. Fortunately they are not hung up on genres, as of which, few have been able to describe the ‘Minge Sound’ in any particularly lucid terms, least of all themselves. The group was formed by composer/pianist and UK Émigré, Stefan K and drummer Nikhil Vasudevan three summers ago; the line up is complemented by dancer Miss Anjoe Teresa Chadha.

If you are lucky you will get to see her corporal moves during songs like 'Dead Bossa Nova' and 'Kissing the Noose (part 2)'. They have built up a huge level of interest since their debut in Delhi in May 2008; keyboard player Stefan picked up a Jack Daniels Rock award this February and the group were recently named as one of 10 most promising Indian bands by Rolling Stone magazine. They are set to make a huge impact on India’s live performance scene by opening up possibilities in presentation style and by paving the way for similarly inclined artists. You will have never seen or heard anything quite like Emperor Minge!

10.09.2009, 01:35
Пестрый набор самых разных стилей, короткие композиции сменяются длинными, западная музыка, индийская...

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27.09.2009, 05:18
Emperor Minge и многие другие индийский команды можно послушать на Indian Underground Podcast (http://iup.podomatic.com/)

Episode 006 - A Well Rounded Figure (http://iup.podomatic.com/entry/2009-05-20T07_01_19-07_00)
Emperor Minge [movie ost inspired shit, disco, concept music], вторая композиция в подкасте.

10.06.2011, 20:37
Спасибо за ссылку! достаточно приятный сборник, очень понравилась композиция Swans.