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Swallow were the duo of Mike Mason and Louise Trehy. Signed to 4AD, they only made two releases before leaving. A briefly resurrected Rough Trade label enabled them to release a further EP before they disbanded.

Swallow were an underrated band who never achieved their potential. Saddled with a replacement Cocteau Twins tag the band remixed their debut album Blow to break down the John Fryer production creating the more interesting album Blowback. After relationships with 4AD broke down Swallow began writing and recording at home. A newly funded Rough Trade records released a four track EP Hush which included a cover of Steve Miller's "Dear Mary." At this point Swallow briefly toured with Mazzy Star.

In the middle of their album recordings Rough Trade lost their funding and for the second time Swallows recording efforts were in tatters. At this point Mike Mason and Louise Trehy's relationship ended and Swallow were no more. Mike Mason continues with music and Louise Trehy left the music industry. Other notable works by Mike Mason, sometimes as Dogray Productions, include video direction for Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, Slowdive and The Mekons. Other music projects include Cowboy Racer with Marijne Van Der Vlugt from Salad.

Vastly more popular than their counterpart band 'Spit' who for obvious reasons were less appealing to the target audience.


* Blow, 1992, 4AD
* Blowback, 1992, 4AD
* Hush, 1994, Rough Trade

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Blow 1992

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